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Impact™ Shock-Absorbing Rear Bumper Step

Tired of expensive repairs on your cargo van?

Even a collision at low speeds can inflict costly damage to the frame of your cargo van, particularly for delivery vans that spend all day backing into loading areas.

Whether the damage is caused by a loading dock pylon, a guard rail or even another vehicle, damage to your van’s frame quickly adds up and can soon become a drain your bottom line.

The answer? A rear bumper designed to take the impact.

Impact Van Bumper RearImpact Van Bumper Rear

Introducing the Impact™ rear van bumper step

The LUVERNE Impact™ bumper is a shock-absorbing rear bumper and step combination, engineered to protect your cargo van, reduce downtime and maximize cost-efficiency.

Built into the brackets of this van bumper step are spring-loaded shock-absorbers. These shocks enable the bumper to absorb impacts up to 5mph, protecting your van as you back into a loading area, navigate a parking lot or simply maneuver out on the job.

The integrated stepping surface of the Impact™ bumper provides a high-traction step up for safe entry and exit from the cargo area.

Features and benefits of the Impact™ bumper step

Impact Rear Van Bumper Step Features & BenefitsImpact Rear Van Bumper Step Features & Benefits

3 unique features of the Impact™ bumper

Impact Rear Bumper ShocksImpact Rear Bumper Shocks

Spring-loaded shock absorbers

Reduce downtime – Built into the mounting brackets of the Impact™ are spring-loaded shock absorbers that allow the bumper to withstand rear collisions up to 5mph. The shocks absorb the impact so the van frame doesn’t have to, saving you money and reducing stress on the job.

Reinforced Steel Bumper Rear Work VanReinforced Steel Bumper Rear Work Van

Reinforced steel construction

Protect your investment – Impact™ is constructed from reinforced, heavy-wall steel, giving it the strength and durability needed to protect your vehicle. The brackets are also made vehicle-specific for an optimal fit, and the bumper is covered in a dual finish for maximum rust resistance.

Impact Expanded Metal Running Board TreadsImpact Expanded Metal Running Board Treads

Fleet-approved, high-traction treads

Improve safety – Like our popular Grip Step™ running boards, the Impact™ bumper is equipped with fleet-approved, expanded metal treads that provide professional-grade traction in any type of weather. This allows the bumper to also function as an ergonomic, safe step for rear van access.

Impact Steel Bumper Step for Cargo VansImpact Steel Bumper Step for Cargo Vans

Rubber bumper accessories

For an added buffer of protection on the Impact™ bumper, it is compatible with LUVERNE rubber bumper strips. These rubber strips bolt onto pre-drilled holes in the Impact™ (1/4" hardware not include) and help protect the finish against scuffs and scratches. The added cushion also promotes longevity of the shock-absorbing brackets.

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