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Grip Step™ XL Steel Van Running Board

Want more confidence on your route?

Whether you’re part of an organized fleet or managing your own startup, climbing in and out of a cargo van all day long can quickly take its toll. Without a dependable step, the repeated action of entering and exiting the vehicle, day after day, results in long-term problems and pain, as well as an accident-prone work environment.

You need a step that instills confidence and safety by providing dependable traction and ergonomic comfort.

Introducing the Grip Step™ XL van running board

Inspired by our popular Grip Step™ running boards, Grip Step™ XL offers the next level of safety and functionality for cargo vans.

This high-strength steel passenger-side step provides an impressive 9-1/2-inch width for a measure of comfort that no other running board can offer.

The treads of this van step is expanded metal, creating a stepping surface that locks onto your work boots with fleet-grade traction. Because they are metal, the treads won’t wear down like plastic alternatives, giving you a reliable step season after season.

LUVERNE Grip Step XL Cargo Van StepLUVERNE Grip Step XL Cargo Van Step

Features and benefits of Grip Step™ XL

Grip Step XL Running Board FeaturesGrip Step XL Running Board Features
Grip Step XL Expanded Steel TreadsGrip Step XL Expanded Steel Treads


What vehicles is Grip Step™ XL available for?

Grip Step™ XL van running board applications are available for several light commercial van models. A full list of vehicle applications will be available soon.


Is Grip Step™ XL available for the driver-side of the vehicle?

No, Grip Step™ XL is currently only available in passenger-side applications. The large surface is ideal for those carrying packages with less visibility to the stepping surface below.


What other products are available for my van that would go well with the Grip Step™ XL?

LUVERNE offers a complete line of products to equip fleet vehicles, particularly cargo vans. Take a look at our Outfitting Your Van page for a helpful guide.

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