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Outfitting Your Work Van & Fleet

Outfitting Your Work Van Fleet GuideOutfitting Your Work Van Fleet Guide

6 Work Van Accessories to Outfit Your Fleet

Outfitting your cargo van with aftermarket accessories requires consideration of safety, durability and value. You need these things to work for you, not against you. They directly affect your job, your livelihood and the image of your business.

In this guide, we will discuss what equipment you should invent in when outfitting your work van or fleet of vans for your business, as well as how to consider your options through the lens of safety, durability and value.

Work Van Running Boards Grip StepWork Van Running Boards Grip Step

1. Why you should invest in van running boards

Most running boards aren’t made for work. They’re made for show. As such, it is important to consider how your running boards will hold up to the work environment at a professional level.

Some key aspects to look for in work-ready running boards for your van are: safety, durability and value.

A cargo van running board must provide you or your employees with a safe, reliable step. This means real traction to avoid slipping and a broad step for ergonomic movement in and out of the vehicle.

Make sure your running boards are work-ready

LUVERNE Grip Step™ running boards are uniquely engineered for professional-grade work, as evidenced in their broad width and fleet-approved, expanded metal treads. The 7-inch width is made to give you a comfortable, functional step, making your job easier every time you climb in or out of the van.

The expanded metal tread design far surpasses the level of traction any plastic step pads can offer. The teeth-like ridges lock onto your boot and keep you from slipping, rain or shine.

Work Shoe Enter Fleet Van Grip StepWork Shoe Enter Fleet Van Grip Step

Two Grip Step™ options for cargo vans

Grip Step running boards are available in two styles: standard Grip Step™ and Grip Step™ XL.

1. Grip Step™

These 7-inch wide running boards are made from aluminum to be highly corrosion-resistant. They feature a professional black powder coat finish and rounded end caps to protect against sharp edges. All sets of Grip Step™ running boards are vehicle-specific for a custom fit on your cargo van.

Find Grip Step™ boards for your van

Ambulance Cargo Van Running Boards Grip StepAmbulance Cargo Van Running Boards Grip Step
2. Grip Step™ XL

This variation of Grip Step™ has a 9-1/2-inch wide stepping surface for maximum comfort and ergonomic entry and exit from the passenger-side of the van. This board is constructed from steel for maximum strength and has a black powder coat finish for dependable rust resistance. Each Grip Step™ XL running board is made van-specific.

Learn more about the Grip Step™ XL board

Grip Step XL Wide Van Running BoardGrip Step XL Wide Van Running Board

Rear Commercial Van Access Step WorkRear Commercial Van Access Step Work

2. Add ergonomic rear access to delivery vans

For cargo vans that require frequent worker access to the rear compartment, a rear step is an important investment. A rear step is a vehicle-specific running board for the back of the van, providing the driver with a safer and more ergonomic way to enter or exit the cargo area.

LUVERNE Grip Step™ running boards are available in a rear step configuration to match the level of safety and durability as well as the look of the side boards.

We also offer other rear step options to match our running boards.

Find a rear step for your van

Rear Shock Absorbing Cargo Van Bumper ImpactRear Shock Absorbing Cargo Van Bumper Impact

3. Step / rear bumper combination for delivery vans

For vans that frequently back into a loading area or frequent busy parking lots and facilities, rear protection helps save your business money be avoiding costly frame damage.

The LUVERNE Impact™ bumper is a shock-absorbing rear bumper and rear step combo. It protects your van against impacts up to 5mph, particularly when backing up. The shock-absorbing brackets are vehicle-specific, and the top portion of the bumper is equipped with expanded metal treads, like our Grip Step™ XL 9-1/2-inch running boards.

Learn more about the Impact™ shock-absorbing bumper

Ram ProMaster Van Grille Guard TuffRam ProMaster Van Grille Guard Tuff

4. Professional front-end protection

Adding a grille guard or bumper to your cargo van not only helps protect it against damage and expensive repairs, but it also increases the value of your fleet vehicle and contributes to the professional image of your business.

Don’t overlook image!

A cargo van grille guard gives your clients and customers a sense of security as much as it instills confidence in your workers.

The LUVERNE Tuff Guard® van grille guard is made from 3-inch diameter stainless steel tubing, welded into a one-piece design and covered in a tough black powder coat finish. Each installs with vehicle-specific brackets for a custom fit.

Find a Tuff Guard® grille guard for your van

Add LED lights for safety on the road and after hours

When considering front-end protection, it is important to also think about the nature of your work. Additional lighting, particularly high-end LED lighting goes a long way for safety in terms of visibility on the road and proper lighting in a work environment for night jobs, after hours and overtime.

LUVERNE 3-inch accessory mounting tabs are the gateway to attaching lighting to your Tuff Guard® grille guard. They install easily and are made from aluminum to be complete rust-free.

Find quality LED light bars and work lights here

Work Van LED Lights Bumper GuardWork Van LED Lights Bumper Guard
Ram ProMaster Accessories Hitch ReceiverRam ProMaster Accessories Hitch Receiver

5. Equip your cargo van with towing capabilities

If towing is an important function of your fleet, whether it’s utility trailers for hauling materials and supplies or an enclosed trailer for delivering products, you need a receiver hitch that’s cut out for professional work.

CURT rear receiver hitches are tested according to stringent SAE J684 specifications and rated accordingly. Each one is engineered for vehicle-specific fitment to perfectly integrate with the van frame.

CURT also offers a complete line of towing products to fully equip your van receiver hitch.

Cargo Van Drawers Boxes Storage EquipmentCargo Van Drawers Boxes Storage Equipment

6. Secure storage and functional organization

An open cargo van is a canvas of opportunity and adding strategic shelving and other equipment can transform the space into an efficient work area that serves your business.

Storage boxes and drawer boxes are a perfect way to outfit your work van with enhanced security and organization. UWS storage boxes are key-operated, providing a secure space within the van to protect tools, vital equipment or sensitive documentation, in addition to the vehicle’s door locks.

UWS drawer boxes are also key-operated and feature multiple sliding drawers to keep smaller components and tools safe and properly organized on the job.

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